Bimport, Shaftesbury 


Allotments are in the year starting March 2018, priced £20 per half allotment. Full allotments are priced proportionately. There are some quarter allotments available too, but these are held together in half allotments and are subdivided by their tenants.

Our year typically starts in March and ends in February. Rents are announced at the beginning of a year for the following year.


Allotments ought to be measured in "old money", with the accepted standard being 10 rods for a full allotment, where a rod/pole/perch is equivalent to 5.5 yards (the distance from the back of the plough to the nose of the oxen). Our allotments have come to deviate from this standard over the years, so please check the specific half lot being offered before making any commitments.

Compared with allotments run by the council

The Shaftesbury Town Council advertises charges ranging from £10-£35 (last checked February 2017) for allotments in St James, Bray and Mampitts. There are also allotments in Enmore Green, which don't appear to be listed.