Bimport, Shaftesbury 


We are budgeting total costs of £280 per annum to cover operational expenditure, including insurance, water and site maintenance (e.g. trees).

Split 14 ways (for the 14 half allotments) that requires rents to be set at £20 per half allotment per annum.

In 2014 and 2013 our costs were greater than £250 (the operational expenditure budget at that time), but this was offset by a generous charitable donation:

Accounts dateIncomeSpending
31 Dec 2015£1,198£1,298
31 Dec 2014£413£588
31 Dec 2013£211£347
31 Dec 2012£177£200
31 Dec 2011£147£121
31 Dec 2010£156£117
Ref: Charity Register.

In 2015 and 2016, secretary Sue Adams-Lingwood successfully master-minded two projects, requiring capital expenditure not covered by the budget.

Bank Account

The balance currently stands at £1,584.72Last updated March 2nd 2017.

Bank Fees

We have been banking with the Charity Aid Foudation (CAF) Bank, which provided free banking up to September 2016. Since then we've been changed a £5 monthly fee. We are in the process of transferring banking arrangements to an alternative bank, which is willing to waive fees for charities. One of our allotment holders promised to cover these fees, but at the 2017 AGM it was voted that the trust should bear the cost.


Projects requiring capital expenditure are for the most part covered by funding, but the trust bears some responsibility towards these.

Big Lottery Grant 2016

A generous grant of £1,277.04 is ring-fenced for 2016 project for a new mower, rotivator and fencing. The trust has a commitment to spend £100.00 towards this project according to the terms of the grant.

Here’s the ledger for the project:

GRANT+£1277.04Big Lottery Grant (Received)
TRUST PAYMENT+£100.00Wrightson Trust’s responsibility towards the project Yet to be claimed!
MOWER, CHAIN & PADLOCK-£375.16Completed and remunerated
CULTIVATOR/TILLER/ROTIVATOR-£249.00Completed and remunerated
STAKES, FENCING & STAPLES-£632.99Completed and remunerated
TOTAL+£110.11 (TBC)Funds remaining to be claimed

The £100 trust payment has been ring-fenced for ring-fencing ☺! These funds have yet to be claimed by tenants, but are available for covering the costs of erecting fencing around plots. Please speak to Sue Adams Lingwood, if you wish to have fencing erected around your plot? Note that this payment is part of the Trust's commitment to the project, which means these monies should be claimed.

Big Lottery Grant 2015

A generous grant of £1,000.00 was ring-fenced for a 2015 project to renew the gate, purchase water buts and a new shed. The trust has a commitment to spend £140.00 towards this project according to the terms of the grant.

Here’s the ledger for the project:

GRANT+£1000Big Lottery Grant (Received)
TRUST PAYMENT+£140Wrightson Trust’s responsibility towards the project
GATE + FITTING-£160.06Completed
WATER BUTTS-£173.97Paid for and installed
TIPPER TRUCK-£40.00Purchased
SHED-£497.70Paid for and installed
ADDITIONAL BUTTS BY SHED & GUTTERING-202.47Paid for and remunerated
LEVELLING WORK-15.00Paid for and remunerated
TOTAL+£15.80Funds remaining to be claimed