Bimport, Shaftesbury 

Who are the trustees?

Wrightson Allotments is a charitable trust run by a minimum of four trustees, but we currently have only three:

  1. Derek Beer was our chairman until 2018.
  2. John Parker is our tree expert and is in the process of being made a signatory.
  3. James Thrift is a signatory.

Susan Lacey put a huge amount of work into the trust for which we are enormously grateful. She left us in March 2016.

Derek Beer has been our chairman since '93, but will be stepping down in March 2018. He will be very much missed, having provided an anchor of stability to the trust over the years.

Who else?

The following help things tick over, but are not trustees:

  1. Tom Staveley is the treasurer, acting secretary and is a signatory.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please .