Bimport, Shaftesbury 

NatWest Bank

The balance currently stands at £1,968.58Last updated July 29th 2018.

Here is the ledger dating back to January 2018:

Posting DateValue DateDescriptionDebitCreditLedger BalanceComments
5 Jun 1813 Jun 18Cheque 0002£26.00£1,968.58Reimbursement #6 for Richard North
24 May 1824 May 18OnLine Transaction£20.00£1,994.58Rent 1/2 allotment #2 Elizabeth Staveley
26 April 1826 April 18Credit 0001£220.00£1,974.58Rents collected 11 x 1/2 allotments (cash)
2 Mar 182 Mar 18Online Transaction£20.00£1,754.58Rent 1/2 allotment Hilary de Bie
2 Mar 182 Mar 18Direct debit£10.78£1,734.58WATER2BUSINESS initial payment for new account
27 Feb 182 Mar 18Online Transaction£20.00£1,745.36Rent 1/2 allotment Julia Cardozo
16 Jan 1824 Jan 18Cheque 0001£121.58£1,725.36Shield Insurance
19 Jan 1819 Jan 18Wrightson Trustees CAF Bank Closure£1696.94£1,846.94Funds transferred from CAF Bank
18 Jan 1818 Jan 18Seseit£75.00£150.00Donation #2
18 Jan 1818 Jan 18Seseit£75.00£75.00Donation #1


CAF Bank

The CAF Bank account was closed 19th January 2018 with funds transferred to the NatWest account.

Here is the ledger dating back to December 2012:

Posting DateValue DateDescriptionDebitCreditLedger BalanceComments
15 Jan 1815 Jan 18Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,696.94See costs
15 Dec 1715 Dec 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,701.94See costs
15 Nov 1715 Nov 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,706.94See costs
16 Oct 1716 Oct 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,711.94See costs
15 Sep 1715 Sep 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,716.94See costs
15 Aug 1715 Aug 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,721.94See costs
01 Aug 1701 Aug 17DD WATER2BUSINESS 1294476001£69.10£1,726.94Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
17 Jul 1717 Jul 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,796.04See costs
15 Jun 1715 Jun 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,801.04See costs
15 May 1715 May 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,806.04See costs
18 Apr 1718 Apr 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,811.04See costs
20 Mar 1720 Mar 17Cheque Drawn 000084£9.50£1,816.04Reimbursement #5 for Richard North
17 Mar 1717 Mar 17BACS 000086£40.00£1,825.54Rent for two half allotments
15 Mar 1715 Mar 17Monthly Account Fee£5.00£1,785.54See costs
13 Mar 1713 Mar 17FP J Whitty£20.00£1,790.54Rent for a half allotment
10 Mar 1710 Mar 17Cheque Drawn 000083£4.18£1,770.54Reimbursement #10 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
09 Mar 1709 Mar 17BACS 000084£190.00£1,774.72Rent for nine half allotments and one quarter allotment
02 Mar 1702 Mar 17Rent£20.00£1,584.72Rent for a half allotment
01 Feb 1701 Feb 17Monthly account fee£5.00£1,564.72See costs
01 Feb 1701 Feb 17DD BRISTOLWESSEXWATER 1294476001£37.89£1,569.72Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
13 Jan 1619 Jan 17Cheque Drawn 000081£119.52£1,607.61Shield Total Insurance Services Ltd
15 Jan 1715 Jan 17Monthly account fee£5.00£1,727.13See costs
12 Dec 1601 Feb 17BACS 000083£2.00£1,732.13Wayleave SSE 2017
15 Dec 1615 Dec 16Monthly account fee£5.00£1,730.13See costs
15 Nov 1615 Nov 16Monthly account fee£5.00£1,735.13See costs
30 Jul 1603 Aug 16Cheque Drawn 000080£632.99£1,740.13Reimbursement #9 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
01 Aug 1601 Aug 16DD BRISTOLWESSEXWATER 1294476001£17.02£2,373.12Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
23 Jul 1628 Jul 16Cheque Drawn 000079£249.00£2,390.14Reimbursement #8 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
19 Jun 1622 Jun 16Cheque Drawn 000078£390.16£2,639.14Reimbursement #7 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
02 Jun 1602 Jun 16BACS 000082£18.00£3,029.30Rent payment
27 May 1627 Mar 16BACS 0010280970 MAIN GRANTS£1,277.04£3,011.30Big Lottery Grant 2016
23 May 1622 Mar 16BACS 000081£54.00£1,734.26Rents collected for 3 1/2 allotments starting March 2016
11 May 1613 May 16BACS 000080£18.00£1,680.26Erik and Alison rent
22 Mar 1622 Mar 16FP D J LUCK allotment DAVID LUCK£18.00£1,662.26Wired payment 1/2 allotment year starting March 2016
21 Mar 1621 Mar 16BACS 000078£144.00£1,644.26Rents for 8 1/2 allotments collected at AGM March 2015
21 Mar 1621 Mar 16BACS 000079£2.00£1,500.26Wayleave SSE 2016
09 Mar 1609 Mar 16Cheque Drawn 000077£210.47£1,498.26Reimbursement #6 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
01 Feb 1601 Feb 16DD BRISTOLWESSEXWATER 1294476001£14.46£1,708.73Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
19 Jan 1619 Jan 16Cheque Drawn 000076£119.00£1,723.19Shield Total Insurance Services Ltd
04 Dec 1504 Dec 15Cheque Drawn 000075£233.16£1,842.19Payment to Mark Hinsley Arboriculturalist
11 Nov 1511 Nov 15Cheque Drawn 000074£35.00£2,075.35Reimbursement #5 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
15 Sep 1515 Sep 15Cheque Drawn 000073£497.70£2,110.35Reimbursement #4 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
01 Sep 1501 Sep 15Cheque Drawn 000072£40.00£2,608.05Reimbursement #3 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
03 Aug 1503 Aug 15DD BRISTOLWESSEXWATER 1294476001£21.04£2,648.05Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
22 Jul 1522 Jul 15Cheque Drawn 000071£160.06£2,669.09Reimbursement #2 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
23 Jun 1523 Jun 15Cheque Drawn 000070£173.97£2,829.15Reimbursement #1 for Sue Adams-Lingwood
27/05/1527/05/15BACS 000077£14.00£3,003.12Rent payment Larry Whitty
22/05/1522/05/15BACS 000076£140.00£2,989.12Rents collected at AGM April 2015
22/05/1522/05/15BACS 0010256201 MAIN GRANTS£1,000.00£2,849.12Big Lottery Grant 2015
21/05/1521/05/15FP FROM H DE BIE DE BIE H J£28.00£1,849.12Rent payment Hilary de Bie
20/04/1520/04/15FP D J LUCK 2014 DAVID LUCK£14.00£1,821.12Rent payment David Luck
02/02/201512/02/2015Direct Debit£14.33£1,807.12Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
30/01/201530/01/2015Cheque Drawn 000069£8.00£1,821.45Reimbursement #4 for Richard North
30/01/201530/01/2015Cheque Drawn 000068£114.39£1,829.45Shield Total Insurance Services Ltd
28/01/201528/01/2015BACS 000075£2.15£1,943.84Wayleave SSE 2011 and 2015
14/08/201414/08/2014Cheque Drawn 000066£16.43£1,941.69Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
26/06/201426/06/2014INTEREST TO DATE£0.20£1,958.12Interest payment
08/04/201408/04/2014Cheque Drawn 000065£13.00£1,957.92Reimbursement #3 for Richard North
03/04/201403/04/2014Cheque Drawn 000063£168.40£1,970.92Reimbursement #2 for David Wareham
26/03/201426/03/2014Cheque Drawn 000064£40.50£2,139.32NSALG capitation - 18 members at £2.25 per member
26/03/201426/03/2014INTEREST TO DATE£0.52£2,179.82Interest payment
21/03/201421/03/2014BACS 000072£98.00£2,179.30Rents collected at AGM March 2014
21/03/201421/03/2014BACS 000073£2.00£2,081.30Wayleave SSE 2014
21/03/201421/03/2014BACS 000074£2.00£2,079.30Wayleave SSE 2013
06/03/201406/03/2014Cheque Drawn 000062£27.10£2,077.30Bristol Wessex Billing Services Ltd (Water)
05/03/201405/03/2014FP D J LUCK 2014 DAVID LUCK£8.00£2,104.40Wired payment 1/2 allotment year starting March 2014
17/01/201417/01/2014BACS 000071£300.00£2,096.40Shaftesbury Charitable Trust - donation for Assistance with tree work
16/01/201416/01/2014Cheque Drawn 000061£114.39£1,796.40Shield Total Insurance Services Ltd
10/01/201410/01/2014Cheque Drawn 000060£199.75£1,910.79Reimbursement #1 for David Wareham
30/12/201330/12/2013Cheque Drawn 000059£233.16£2,110.54Payment to Mark Hinsley Arboriculturalist
27/12/201326/12/2013INTEREST TO DATE£0.55£2,343.70Interest payment
21/11/201321/11/2013BACS 000070£32.00£2,343.15David Wareham Rent full allotment
20/11/201320/11/2013BACS 000069£32.00£2,311.15Donald Houghton Rent full allotment
15/11/201315/11/2013FP D J Luck 2013 DAVID LUCK£8.00£2,279.15Wired payment 1/2 allotment year starting March 2013
13/11/201313/11/2013BACS 000068£136.00£2,271.15Rents collected at AGM October 2013 (2 years' worth)
26/09/201326/09/2013INTEREST TO DATE£0.54£2,135.15Interest payment
26/06/201326/06/2013INTEREST TO DATE£0.54£2,134.61Interest payment
26/03/201326/03/2013INTEREST TO DATE£0.53£2,134.07Interest payment
27/12/201226/12/2012INTEREST TO DATE£0.53£2,133.54Interest payment

Reimbursement expenses are listed below.

David Wareham

March 2011 was the start of David Wareham's tenure. During this period, payments were made into the CAF bank, but no cheques were cut. Costs born personally by David, have been reimbursed in two payments.

We are very grateful for the measures taken by David.

Reimbursement #1

£199.75 was repaid in December 2013 for expenses claimed 31st January 2012 as follows:

Repaid January 2014.

Reimbursement #2

£168.40 was repaid in March 2014 for expenses claimed 5th March 2014 as follows:

Repaid March 2014.

Richard North

Richard North very kindly took responsibility for keeping the old mower up and running as well as cutting the grass. Thankfully, we have a newer mower now, generously donated by David Luck.

Many thanks, Richard. The grass always looks lovely and makes the allotments a charming place to be.

Reimbursement #3

£13.00 was repaid in March/April 2014 for expenses claimed as follows:

Repaid March/April 2014.

Reimbursement #4

£8.00 was repaid in January 2015 for expenses claimed as follows:

Repaid January 2015.

Reimbursement #5

£9.50 was repaid in March 2017 for expenses claimed as follows:

Repaid March 2017.

Reimbursement #6

£26.00 was repaid in June 2018 for expenses claimed as follows:

Repaid June 2018.

Sue Adams-Lingwood

Reimbursement #1

£173.97 was repaid in June 2015 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #2

£160.06 was repaid in July 2015 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #3

£40.00 was repaid in August 2015 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #4

£497.70 was repaid in September 2015 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #5

£35.00 was repaid in November 2015 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #6

£210.47 was repaid in March 2016 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #7

£390.16 was repaid in June 2016 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #8

£249.00 is repaid in July 2016 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #9

£632.99 was repaid in July/August 2016 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #10

£4.18 was repaid in February/March 2017 for expenses claimed as follows:

Reimbursement #11

£4.18 was repaid in March 2017 for expenses claimed as follows: